Monday, August 10, 2015

My Amazing Journey

I'm going to try to get this done in a timely manner... late in the summer of 2014, after seeing my sister Karen's photo album from her trip to Europe with my nephew (also known as her son) Matthew, I decided I was going on that trip when Eric (my nephew, also known as her son) went. I had not yet committed until my boss was kind enough to officially grant me the time off when i finally got up the nerve to ask. That was November. It seemed like it took forever at first, but then all of a sudden it was May and my trip wasn't very far off.

I'm writing this from my travel diary, and posting some of my pictures so as to share my experience. I decided to keep a diary since i can't remember anything from one minute to the next, and since i made that decision, I figured I'd put my to do, to buy, to pack lists in the diary... and a few weeks before I left, I also recorded some of my thoughts, most of which went like this:  "HOLY COW, only (fill in the blank) days until i leave for Europe, EEK!"

I will try to keep this all concise. TRY being the operative word. Since it is late, for now, i will just post this one picture. My anal-retentive self had to be prepared, JUST IN CASE... (a friend commented, "are you planning to go to jail or something?")

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