Monday, October 24, 2011

what in the world?

so i just ordered this duvet:

i haven't touched it, or seen it... did i mention i have not touched it?

i have been needing a new duvet for months. i bought this based soley on my trust of bed, bath & beyond. they better not dissapoint me. you can sell me crappy shoes, crappy clothes, crappy soap... crappy crap... but do NOT mess with my bed.

i shall report again, when i receive the duvet. if you don't hear from me, but have observed a cloud or heard a boom along the eastern seaboard, you may assume i am displeased.

Friday, October 21, 2011


yes, i said oppression.

it's that time of year again, when feet that have lived free and unfettered must go back under cover. goodbye cute sandals, goodbye shiny polish... shoes and socks weather is once again upon us.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


that's what matthew used to say.

okay... this is not just a conversation, this conversation happened via email. i mention that because of the fact that you can look back at what you said, and what the other person said, when you have an email conversation.

M: sheri, i'm looking for interior images from our projects. where would i find those?

S: on the F drive, there's a marketing folder, in that check in project documentation. there's also a folder called photographs or images. there may be more in there.

M: ok, thanks.

[next day]

M: sheri, now i need images of potomac yard.

so i think to myself, i know they are in one of the folders i referred her to yesterday. so i check, then reply.

S: they're in that project documentation folder, did you look?

M: i looked yesterday, but i wasn't looking for potomac yard then.

so today, you are asking essentially the same question, only more specific. you're not going to go back, look at the answer i gave you yesterday and check before you bother me again?

i think that i could possibly be too smart for my own good. she's too well paid to think for herself, perhaps if i became an idiot, i could have a bigger paycheck too. seems counter-intuitive, but hey, so is having someone that thick in a senior position.

Iddydit update: this morning, i get ANOTHER email asking for more images... they are in the same folders i directed her to before. i guess at the time, she wasn't looking for that project either. seriously, why is this moron making more money than me?


okay, here's a bean picture from her 5th birthday... AND, with all the new baby excitement, i am ashamed to announce that i completely forgot about my beautiful sister, whose birthday was also the 12th. let the flogging begin. sorry big sis, i love you, happy birthday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Bean!!!

This picture is from Anna's 4th birthday. Today, AnnaBean is 5. You might think this picture is pretty cute, you'd be right, but if you were thinking, "you can't get any cuter than that!" you'd be wrong. perhaps someone will send me a picture of the bean from today, and then i can post it and you will see that yes, she CAN get even cuter.


My Newest Nephew, Emmett James!!

hopefully i will be forgiven for stealing this photo... i did wait 5 days, that qualifies as miraculous restraint when you're me. seriously.

and, in case you're an idiot, Emmett is the one lying down. he's being doted on by siblings (from left to right) ben, evey and addy. what a gorgeous family!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

i'm clairvoyant

no sooner did i post about ashley's baby about to be born, than ashley's baby was born. but i can't say more than that right now. her news, not mine. :-)

waiting waiting

i stole this picture from ashley, without asking... which is probably pretty dangerous considering she's VERY pregnant and VERY ready to have the new baby... but i just wanted to put this up to say that i cannot wait for these three beauties to be joined by a fourth. we're down to "any minute" now, not just "any day." i can't wait to see the newest gorgeous martinus!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

a tiny vacation

it's been a brutal 2 weeks at the office... 15 hour days, working weekends... boooooooo!!

but tonight i head south. yayyyyyyyy!! can't wait to see rob, kaje, jordan, crystal, david and miya!

and being the train geek that i am, i'm very excited to be taking amtrak from orlando to jacksonville, though it's on sunday afternoon, so i hope there's a tv. it's football season!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Sugar-Free Candy,

why you gotta be like that yo?
(this sounds stupid if you're not using your gansta voice, so go back and try it again.)

everything i'd like to say, i will withhold, for reasons of national security.

or, so as not to gross you out, or get a call from my mom.

i just wanted to warn people about a little thing called malitol. it's a sugar alcohol, which is a terrible name because it's not alcohol, it's just a weird type of sugar that's not really sugar. so anyway... malitol. there's a reason the name begins with MAL. consume with caution. do NOT feed it to your dog.

in other news, i'm heading to florida this weekend... SO excited to meet this little princess:

i am also going to visit with her parents... ummm... rob and kaje. yes, Jordan's parents are named rob and kaje.


and i'm going to see crystal and david and miya too and i am very excited!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i don't know exactly what this blue ball is all about... but i googled images for exhaustion and this picture looks how i feel.

i almost cried several times yesterday. it was a day of people reverting to infancy and being able to do nothing for themselves. "sheri, i know you're busy but could you...."

fiscally these last few weeks have worked out well for me, but i'm a wreck.

i'm excited to go see rob, kaje and jordan this weekend, and my friends crystal, david and miya... i just hope i don't sleep through it all.