Wednesday, October 19, 2011


that's what matthew used to say.

okay... this is not just a conversation, this conversation happened via email. i mention that because of the fact that you can look back at what you said, and what the other person said, when you have an email conversation.

M: sheri, i'm looking for interior images from our projects. where would i find those?

S: on the F drive, there's a marketing folder, in that check in project documentation. there's also a folder called photographs or images. there may be more in there.

M: ok, thanks.

[next day]

M: sheri, now i need images of potomac yard.

so i think to myself, i know they are in one of the folders i referred her to yesterday. so i check, then reply.

S: they're in that project documentation folder, did you look?

M: i looked yesterday, but i wasn't looking for potomac yard then.

so today, you are asking essentially the same question, only more specific. you're not going to go back, look at the answer i gave you yesterday and check before you bother me again?

i think that i could possibly be too smart for my own good. she's too well paid to think for herself, perhaps if i became an idiot, i could have a bigger paycheck too. seems counter-intuitive, but hey, so is having someone that thick in a senior position.

Iddydit update: this morning, i get ANOTHER email asking for more images... they are in the same folders i directed her to before. i guess at the time, she wasn't looking for that project either. seriously, why is this moron making more money than me?

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