Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dear Sugar-Free Candy,

why you gotta be like that yo?
(this sounds stupid if you're not using your gansta voice, so go back and try it again.)

everything i'd like to say, i will withhold, for reasons of national security.

or, so as not to gross you out, or get a call from my mom.

i just wanted to warn people about a little thing called malitol. it's a sugar alcohol, which is a terrible name because it's not alcohol, it's just a weird type of sugar that's not really sugar. so anyway... malitol. there's a reason the name begins with MAL. consume with caution. do NOT feed it to your dog.

in other news, i'm heading to florida this weekend... SO excited to meet this little princess:

i am also going to visit with her parents... ummm... rob and kaje. yes, Jordan's parents are named rob and kaje.


and i'm going to see crystal and david and miya too and i am very excited!!!

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