Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i don't know exactly what this blue ball is all about... but i googled images for exhaustion and this picture looks how i feel.

i almost cried several times yesterday. it was a day of people reverting to infancy and being able to do nothing for themselves. "sheri, i know you're busy but could you...."

fiscally these last few weeks have worked out well for me, but i'm a wreck.

i'm excited to go see rob, kaje and jordan this weekend, and my friends crystal, david and miya... i just hope i don't sleep through it all.


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VALERIE said...

I totally get that feeling...I just want to punch people in the face when I can't finish an "urgent" task before someone decides their's is more "urgent"..then I get hollered at when something isn't 100% correct. It's even worse when I find out AFTER the fact, that their materials or office visits should have been sent to their insurance BEFORE their order or office call. Want to start our own business? I'll cook, you'll plan...we'd be awesome!