Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the bathroom adventure

today i was VERY handy... i used my Lowe's gift card to get a brand spankin' new shower head and a new shower curtain rod. my life is a thrill ride folks, not for the timid!

and now, i'll try my hand at putting pictures in my blog... i took a few with my phone (haven't gotten my camera back from my friend yet). the new shower head is brushed nickel, has two thingees (sorry about getting so technical) with a toggle to switch in between the mounted thingy and the handheld thingy.

now i also got a new shower curtain rod... the kind that is curved outward so you don't bump your elbows on the actual curtain (i bruise easily).

here's a "detail" in case you're not getting the whole feel of it. it is also brushed nickel, BUT (you may want to have a seat) my curtain rings are chrome. when you catch your breath, you might see, like i did, that the contrast is kind of nice...

and last but certainly NOT most least... as i slaughter the english language... i got my linen closet organized....

i know i know... how much excitement can one truly stand in a single day? i'm not sure, but as you can see, i'm clearly testing the limits of human tolerance.

who needs THIS MUCH STUFF?????

seriously... where'd i get all this crap?

and there's more. i thought i was done, except for a few randoms in the basement of a friend's store... oh no. there's like 20 boxes down there. seriously.

i am planning to donate almost all of it. if i didn't need it for 2 years, i can probably live without it now... if you need a microwave, cordless phone set, rugs, a wine chiller (i don't even drink wine!) or a whole slew of paperback books, just let me know.

i'm sorry i have not yet posted any pictures. every time i thought of downloading some from mom's camera, it entailed moving and every time, i was having none of that. my camera is still with a friend.

so... last night was my first night alone in the new place. there's noises... nothing i won't stop hearing soon, but there's noises. there's also sunshine... not in the middle of the night, but awfully early in the morning... i never noticed there was nothing on the bedroom window. Norma (previous owner) was kind enough to leave blinds and curtains in the living room and dining room, but not the bedroom... AND... the wall on one side of the window sticks into the room a good 4 inches more than the wall on the other side. i'm entertaining suggestions on how to handle this, there will be a prize for the person with the best solution (a microwave, cordless phone set, rugs, a wine chiller or a whole slew of paperback books....)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i am SO ready for a footrub

i might have to break down and go see miriam, the bomb diggity of pedicurists. it's $40 and worth every cent... an hour and a half of pure bliss...

i have my computer up and running, and am leaching off a neighbor's internet (woohoo!). i was going to post some pictures, but my camera is with some friends. i guess i could get some off mom's camera but it's like 10 feet away and i'm not moving!

so moving day was an adventure. thankfully i was up at 5 because the movers showed up at 8:30, 90 minutes early. it didn't really matter too much, i was ready to go, but i was glad they weren't any earlier. mom & dad showed up shortly after that and we moved the most well-wrapped cabinet every seen (thanks steve!) from the pickup to the moving van.

after about 3 hours they had pretty much everything on the truck. at 5:30 am when i went outside to take some trash out, it was raining. i prayed and prayed and prayed that God would stop it until we got the truck loaded, and sure enough, He answered. And to make a point, it started raining immediately after the last thing went on the truck. the doors weren't even closed yet.

so, we came to the new building, it rained cats & dogs the whole rest of the day. thankfully my building has a loading dock so all was well with the move-in. the movers were already impressed with steve's work on the bookcase when they loaded it, when we unloaded and unwrapped, they were like "WOW!" they were really great guys and worked very hard for me. i was shocked it took about 7 hours... i was thinking 3, maybe 3.5.

we all worked hard doing different things yesterday. dad was doing electrical, mom & i switched back and forth between lovely assistants and unpacking other stuff. today we took it a little easier. went to church this morning, then met my friend kristin for lunch, then came back for naps, then mom & i went back to work. we let dad have the day off b/c he worked so hard yesterday... and was wiped out and sore from wrestling with outlets and lights underneath the cabinets in the kitchen until about 11 last night.

so, that's the report for today. i'll have some pictures tomorrow maybe... and since i have internet, maybe even a video tour... though it's still a big mess. dad wants to know why mom didn't teach me any better than this. he's so funny!

love to all...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kung Pow Chicken

i don't know about you, but when i order something and i'm really excited and hungry, nothing is more disappointing than it not tasting like you expected. that's today's lunchtime experience. blah! it takes like salty rice. that's the whole story in my little styrofoam thingy. nothing else.

i could use a hug.

well... tomorrow is moving day. it's going to be fun! (i keep trying to convince myself anyway). i have most of my house packed up, but there's still a lot of work. it's going to be an exciting friday night. laundry, packing... and it's the stuff that won't fit neatly into a box. i hate that stuff. i like boxes with no air in them... like boxes full of books... when you get to the top, if there's space left, you find a thin book, or if there's no thin books, you take out the one and put in a bigger book so you don't need the thin one... or you take out the one and use two thinner ones... NO AIR... and the box closes neatly and once again, you've accomplished a brilliant job of packing up.

my final boxes... there's air everywhere. it's infuriating.

happy friday everyone! think of me while you're NOT moving tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 1 of home ownership

I can't really think of much to say. Yesterday i signed my life away... then i cut my finger and bled on my new condo. thankfully not on the carpet. Then i went to home depot to look at all the things i can no longer afford. Then i took a nap.