Wednesday, October 29, 2008

who needs THIS MUCH STUFF?????

seriously... where'd i get all this crap?

and there's more. i thought i was done, except for a few randoms in the basement of a friend's store... oh no. there's like 20 boxes down there. seriously.

i am planning to donate almost all of it. if i didn't need it for 2 years, i can probably live without it now... if you need a microwave, cordless phone set, rugs, a wine chiller (i don't even drink wine!) or a whole slew of paperback books, just let me know.

i'm sorry i have not yet posted any pictures. every time i thought of downloading some from mom's camera, it entailed moving and every time, i was having none of that. my camera is still with a friend.

so... last night was my first night alone in the new place. there's noises... nothing i won't stop hearing soon, but there's noises. there's also sunshine... not in the middle of the night, but awfully early in the morning... i never noticed there was nothing on the bedroom window. Norma (previous owner) was kind enough to leave blinds and curtains in the living room and dining room, but not the bedroom... AND... the wall on one side of the window sticks into the room a good 4 inches more than the wall on the other side. i'm entertaining suggestions on how to handle this, there will be a prize for the person with the best solution (a microwave, cordless phone set, rugs, a wine chiller or a whole slew of paperback books....)


james & emmy said...

time to get out the sleep mask. the sun rises at about 5:45 in this country. ridiculous.

AEM said...

I know the feeling about all the STUFF! Ugh!

Sheri said...

poor ash... i really felt for you when i saw you got the rest of your stuff... when i moved into the luray house, i put a bunch of boxes in deb's store basement... i'm in the process of getting them out, and i already thought i had too much crap... it's really bad now!