Monday, May 2, 2011

Bye Bye Osama!

i've been watching the coverage of this all evening and a few things are getting on my nerves. first, every reporter seems to be itching to get some survivor or victim's family member to break down. it's annoying and rotten.

also, we buried him at sea, supposedly according to muslim tradition. i'm okay with that even though i understand how the families feel knowing their loved ones were slaughtered and got no such care. first of all, we are not THEM. i read somewhere that what sets a people apart is how we treat our dead. i'm happy he's dead. he was evil, he did evil things, he promoted hatred and he would have done more evil things had he lived. not only that, but it was justice... HOWEVER, what harm does it do to not desecrate his remains? he's already dead and we are not THEM. AND, do we really need the kind of grief we'd get if we mistreated his body? i couldn't care less if they don't believe we did it right, i believe our military acted honorably. and it cost us nothing to do so. we already got him.

i'm also irritated about the attempts to politicize this. on either side. the man responsible for 9/11 was caught and punished. i'm certain it was a result of the efforts of both the bush AND the obama administrations... but how about we say it was due to the efforts of americans, our brave military and intelligence personnel who never gave up. can't we just say that and all be americans together for one stinkin' day?

another thing that bothered me, though i understand it because i felt the elation myself... but the celebrating in the streets reminded me an awful lot of seeing THEM celebrate in their streets... in baghdad and other cities, celebrating the slaughter of thousands of american innocents. by no means do i fault anyone for being happy about this, but those images were so similar and it didn't sit well with me. i really don't think anyone's death should be celebrated like that, even someone so evil. i get it though, just didn't like it personally.

i'm glad he's gone, i hope his successor cannot live up to the amount of evil he promoted, though i'm afraid they've been well schooled. i pray with all my heart we never have to mourn the loss of even one more person at the hands of terrorists, though i'm not optimistic.

alright. i think i'm done ranting.