Friday, October 24, 2008

Kung Pow Chicken

i don't know about you, but when i order something and i'm really excited and hungry, nothing is more disappointing than it not tasting like you expected. that's today's lunchtime experience. blah! it takes like salty rice. that's the whole story in my little styrofoam thingy. nothing else.

i could use a hug.

well... tomorrow is moving day. it's going to be fun! (i keep trying to convince myself anyway). i have most of my house packed up, but there's still a lot of work. it's going to be an exciting friday night. laundry, packing... and it's the stuff that won't fit neatly into a box. i hate that stuff. i like boxes with no air in them... like boxes full of books... when you get to the top, if there's space left, you find a thin book, or if there's no thin books, you take out the one and put in a bigger book so you don't need the thin one... or you take out the one and use two thinner ones... NO AIR... and the box closes neatly and once again, you've accomplished a brilliant job of packing up.

my final boxes... there's air everywhere. it's infuriating.

happy friday everyone! think of me while you're NOT moving tomorrow.


james & emmy said...

you can never have expectations for chinese food. if you like it at one place, chances are it will be a new dish at another.. you're better off ordering something new and praying it tastes like the one you like somewhere else. haha or just be a return customer!

AEM said...

I'll be sure to think of you moving while I am finally settled...I'll also be thinking about how bad I'm crushing you in this game of scrabulous...Ok, ok, so that might be a little mean. I hate moving, It's not fun at all, so I'll say a prayer that everything goes smoothly and that you'll have a good tasting chinese restaurant nearby. *hugs*

Sheri said...

the move was smooth, but i'm exhausted. i have to get my car out of visitor parking before 7am tomorrow... ugh. i took a half day off though, so i guess that just means i can leave work ealier!