Monday, October 24, 2011

what in the world?

so i just ordered this duvet:

i haven't touched it, or seen it... did i mention i have not touched it?

i have been needing a new duvet for months. i bought this based soley on my trust of bed, bath & beyond. they better not dissapoint me. you can sell me crappy shoes, crappy clothes, crappy soap... crappy crap... but do NOT mess with my bed.

i shall report again, when i receive the duvet. if you don't hear from me, but have observed a cloud or heard a boom along the eastern seaboard, you may assume i am displeased.


VALERIE said...

did ya use your coupon???

Sheri said...

foolish mortal, of course i used my coupon... what's bbb without 20% off?

VALERIE said...

Good girl! Never cross their threshold without one, on line or in person!