Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Let's Go to Italy!! (June 10, 2015)

We said goodbye to our awesome hosts around 830 in the morning, got on the bus and headed south. It was a beautiful drive through the Alps, and just like when we got into Switzerland, we immediately knew when we left. Flatter, but much much sunnier.
Hello Italy!

I noticed that in Italy, even the road signs are more stylish. Well done.

We arrived at our hotel in Florence around 6:30pm. It is in the neighborhood (or town?) of Montecatini. It's the cutest place I've ever been. The hotel was in a neighborhood with other small hotels, just 3 or 4 storeys each. There's some villas (one we wanted to buy) and some parks and some shops, and we discovered a neat piazza nearby.

This is the town where I realized my mom was right about me. As it turns out, I DO indeed have trouble with the idea of missing out on anything. I felt like skipping dinner, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Didn't feel like a walk after, but I HAD to go. We saw a little fashion show in a hotel courtyard and hung out around the piazza. So laid back, so pleasant... YAY FLORENCE!!

 On the road again...

Lots of cool bridges to see today.

Not my window, but still pretty fabulous.

Even gridlock is better in Italy.

It's not irrigation, but I'll never be able to resist a farm picture.

 I need these socks.

The view from our room.

Our room. Not bad.

The neighborhood is just too adorable.

 Fairly certain this is the villa we wanted to buy.

 cute little tourist train
this is how we roll now.

Karen and Marc on the piazza.

 The piazza.
Itlay, where the bugs are huge and the elevators are not.
everyone's back is against a wall.

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