Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 4 (June 7, 2015) Paris


We started today early and with a 2-hour bus tour of Paris. This tour (unlike the one in London) stopped a couple times for photo ops... AND I finally got a real french croissant at a real french cafe.

After that a number of us went out to Versailles to tour the palace. It was pretty amazing, especially the grounds, though I was jealous of Karen who just walked around in town while we did our tour. Kirsten, Jaxon, Benny, Cody, Jayna and I did find a nice cafe for lunch. We lost Eric who spent most of his time in the palace looking out the windows. Thankfully we got him back before the bus left.

Back in Paris, we were dropped at the Arc de' Triomphe and turned loose for a few hours of shopping and meandering the Champs Elysees. Karen and I had a couple of kids with us from one of the new orleans group with us at first, but they wanted to shop for boy clothes in stores we have in the US. we decided they would have more fun without us. :-) we shopped and meandered some more and Karen FINALLY got her macaroons!!

After we regrouped, we had a terrible awful COLD mystery meat dinner at the New York cafe. WHY you ask, were we eating at the NEW YORK CAFE in Paris?? we would also like that question answered.

Thankfully later we had crepes under the Eiffel Tower. (doesn't that sound glamorous? it kind of was.)

But first we had a Seine River cruise. It was fantastic. I had a blonde moment wondering why there were Austrian flags on every bridge. In my head, there some renegade gang of young Austrian toughs running around Paris slapping their flags on all the bridges... (as it turns out, they are "do not enter" signs, which i guess makes sense too.)

After the cruise, we went up into the Eiffel tower. The very top was closed, which was disappointing, but the 2nd level was higher up than it looked from the ground, so it was still very impressive.

We were sad to say goodbye to Paris and Marc speaking French... but we had places to go and things to do!

Eric, Karen, Marc & Me.

Notre Dame

My Cafe. 

My iconic pic of the Arc, totally ruined... 
Flea Market in the town of Versailles.

Versaille... HUGE

Hall of Mirrors Selfie

 I was so mad the fountains were not working.

Totally jealous of dude who works in a bathrobe.

Crowds were completely insane.

 Hall of Mirrors

Back in Paris... 

 Arya Stark sells Macaroons

Macaroons... we were in line here for almost an hour (i think)

 The cafe in the back of the macaroon place. SO Parisian!

 Seine River cruise.

i could not get enough of all these boats along the river.

Please take note of the Austrian Flag.
Look, there's another one. Is it any wonder i had visions of Hooligans defacing the bridges of Paris!?


Because sometimes your boat just needs a dinosaur.

love this picture

total fave shot

Notre Dame from the Eiffel Tower

All spiffed up for nighttime.

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