Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Day 1, June 4, 2015 - Arriving in London

The tour company calls June 3 Day 1, but come on, i left DC late in the afternoon and all i did was fly. That's not day 1, that's getting to day 1. But okay, I'll put up a picture anyway, since it was my first time seeing New York City from the air. I had no idea how huge it was.

the flight was an overnight one, I did not sleep at all. It wasn't that bad, I had plenty of entertainment along.

June 4 is the real Day 1. So we're making our descent toward Heathrow and I manage to get these two amazing shots:

Okay, so that's Windsor castle.

I land and wait to go through customs until Karen & her gang from Belle Glade arrive. Little did I know how huge Heathrow is... I was very fortunate that they came in at the same terminal. I would have been waiting awhile had they not.

It took some time to get everyone together at the airport. Our group had 5 kids and 6 adults and our big group was a busload, 49 of us total (including our driver and tour guide John). we had 2 groups from New Orleans area schools and one from Utah. As we would come to find out, we could not have handpicked a better group. The kids got along great, the adults were cool... 

The Utah kids ended up delayed until the next day, but the rest of us went to the hotel and dropped off our stuff, John marched us to the rail station and we went into the city. Did A LOT of walking around and after dinner most of us went to see Wicked at the King's Cross Apollo Victoria Theater. 
Cody, Jaxson, Kirsten, Eric & Benny, aka "Florida" as in "FLORIDA'S HERE" whenever we regrouped.

Our first dinner... the rest of Florida... the backs of those heads belong to Jayna, Frances and Angee, across the table is Marc & Karen.

I don't look tired at all... right?

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