Tuesday, August 25, 2015

June 14, 2015, Part 1: Pompeii

(Not quite as busy of a day as yesterday, but I decided to split it into 2 posts. Next post will be June 14, Part 2:  Sorrento)

Another glorious morning, 70's and sunny and we depart for Pompeii. Unfortunately we arrived a little late and our guide had another tour after ours, so we got an express tour of the ruins. It is remarkable how "modern" this town was, despite being founded in the 6th or 7th century BC. Historians estimate there were about 11,500 people living here when Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and destroyed it.

There is a modern town here around the ruins and we had quite a nice lunch there. Also some very interesting shops and stands with some unusual souvenirs available. And the lemons here are monstrous. They claim it's because of the rich volcanic soil, but I believe they're also of a variety that is much larger than normal. Either way, big lemons!

had to get a few more beauty shots before we left the hotel.

HAHA... each side of the bus has googly eyes!

 CAUGHT!! (Eric says he didn't take any pictures)

Mosaic floor in the foyer of a home...

Mosaic floor and decorative inlay on the edge of this fountain thing (i have no idea what it was, looked like a giant bird bath)

 artifacts recovered.
This is a plaster replica of the body of child. The actual body is in the British Museum. Apparently the brits are the ones who paid for original archaeological excavation of this site.
This stuff is authentic ancient pottery.

All our kids!!! Miss this group, they were so fantastic.

Marc in the bathhouse (I think).

 close up of the little guys behind Marc's head.

And now, a few pictures of the lemons and the town before we move on to Sorrento.

oh those italians!


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