Monday, September 28, 2015

June 23, 2015 and we're in Beautiful Oslo!!

Today we decided to take life nice and easy, we slept in, then headed out to see the city around noon. Again, my vacation weather mojo held up and it was a glorious day in Oslo. Sunny and in the high 60's.

Matthew's friends, Vegar and Kenneth came along. We took a bus downtown and wandered around. We climbed the Oslo Opera House, which is a REALLY COOL piece of architecture. You can walk all the way to the top. It's amazing.

The guys had stuff to do so after a bit it was just Matthew, Karen and I. We went to Akershus Fortress, which has been protecting the city since 1290, then we went to the National Museum of Contemporary Art to see an urban design exhibit, and we had a chance to leave some of our own art. We also went to the architecture museum. After grabbing a sandwich we hopped onto the light rail to Norway's #1 tourist attraction, The Vigeland Park Sculpture Garden.

I'm putting this picture out of order so it will show up when i past the link into facebook. This is at the harbor, near the opera house.

 Vegar, Matthew, Kenneth and Karen. Waiting for the bus near Matthew's apartment.
 so many cute areas in Oslo.
I found the GayTM. (very clever!) It was pride week all over Europe. 

Karen, Matthew, Vegar and Kenneth.

 Mostly i was trying to get a picture of this guy. He was so cool.
Scandinavians are so stylish, even their bike racks are cool. (this is me trying to channel my inner Ashley)

 Karen, me, Vegar.
 i was in architecture heaven.

 i mean seriously.
 The harbor.

 Climbing the opera house. (I have nice pictures of the opera house from the 25th, when we took a harbor cruise.)

 Karen and I (she's on the uphill so she looks like a grown up, haha)
 Beautiful view from the top.
Ski Jump from Oslo Olympics (1952)

 Took this picture for David Crosby, it's the Oslo stock exchange.

 Akershus Fortress

 nice view of the harbor from here too.

 I scoff in the face of danger!

Architecture Museum
 This is a giant balloon that you could inside of. it was pretty cool.

 Inside the balloon.
(at Versailles, the fountains were not on. i was so bitter that throughout the entire rest of the trip, anytime anyone saw a fountain, they made sure i saw it)

 sweet boots to go with that teddy bear backpack.
 Buckeye Nation exhibit at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway.
 i had to sign the guestbook

The Angry Baby at Vigeland Park.
We found the perfect boyfriends. The strong silent type. Rock hard abs.
 Crazy Obelisk
 Of course we had to participate in everyone's favorite pastime...

 Thank you, Norway. Thank you sunshine!

 We thought this guy was hilarious.

 Matthew and Karen

After we left here, there was a brief shower, but we were back on the bus to head back to Matthew's apartment. We freshened up and went to Vegar and Kenneth's apartment for dinner where we had reindeer and some yummy potatoes.

had to

 10pm rainbow

This is what 4am looks like in Oslo in the summer.
 Yummy reindeer and potatoes! (i picked out the vegetables)
Erin and Eric on the bus.
(right before Erin wrestled this poncho into submission and almost got us kicked off the bus.)


elizabeth said...

I liked seeing the pictures and I liked reading the little headlines afterwards. I love you Aunt Sher. I hope you are doing well and It was nice to see you, along with Aunt Dutch, and Aunt Val. Love Always, Liz.

Sheri said...

Love you liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AmericnJewl said...

1. You're hilarious.

B. I'm just in awe... of your hilarity.

iii. And of these scenes... they're breathtaking. And not in the Seinfeld baby way... like really breathtaking.

Sheri Holthouse said...

2nd, thank you, and B... i KNOW. it was gorgeous after gorgeous after gorgeous...