Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oslo Day 2 - June 24, 2015. My Mojo rolls on

80% chance of rain today.


We slept in this morning, then Karen and Matthew went grocery shopping while I lazed around. When they got back we left to go see Pitch Perfect 2. SUCH a fun movie. weirdly, it was shown in English with Norwegian subtitles. The theater was full and Matthew, Karen and I were the only ones whoever laughed, and there were lots of funny things. We couldn't decide if the Norse (or are they Norwegians?) just don't like funny things or if maybe they didn't get the jokes. It's VERY possible that they just don't laugh in public.

We went to IKEA after that, had swedish meatballs and awesome potatoes. Matthew got some stuff. Karen washed all his new stuff while i played tetris in the cupboards. then we "hung" (rubbed) up his world map, which took FOREVER...

we never got rained on. it was in the mid 60's all day, and sunny the whole time we were outside. my mojo RULES!!!!

It looks like I'm getting the hang of the selfie, FINALLY!


 from Matthew's apartment window.

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