Friday, October 2, 2015

June 25, 2015. Last day in Oslo, now onto Helsinki!

Bittersweet day today, I'm excited to go to Helsinki and Russia, but sad to say goodbye to Matthew.

We got up early this morning to get down to the marina to take a 2-hour sightseeing cruise of the Oslo fjord. It is not like the fjords i saw in Alaska, basically the entire city and harbor is the fjord. This one was formed volcanically, not by glaciers.

There was a spattering of drizzle, but not really much at all.

 had to stop by the nobel center first... someone should really tell me not to hunch my shoulders.

  there's our ride! 
selfie stick WIN

 This sculpture is called She Lies and it can actually turn with the wind. 
The Oslo Harbor Warehouse (completed 1921) was once the largest concrete building in Europe.  
Oslo Opera House... SO COOL!
Astrup Fearnley Museet. (Oslo Museum of Art)
tiny homes on the water. our tour guide said they almost never come up for sale as they are kept within families. 

 i love boats!

 Ski jump

 look at that sky!
 more awesome architecture

After the cruise, we revisited Joe and the Juice for more awesome sandwiches, then went back to Matthew's to get our stuff. He got us to the central station where we got on a train to the airport.

This guy made me think of my dad who always used to mix his plaids to get my mom all upset. haha

So we didn't take any pictures when we arrived in Helsinki. We had the whole next day to sightsee so i guess you'll just have to wait until i post the 26th. We took a cab to the hotel and checked in, then wandered off to find some dinner. We ended up at the Manhattan Steakhouse where we both ordered filet of beef... neither of us took a picture, let's just say it was not what we expected. 
i found this on the internet, it looked just like this, but with beef and it was filled with onions and blue cheese... and it was actually fantastic, just not what we thought we ordered.
So after dinner we went back to the hotel and kicked back for the rest of the night after rearranging our suitcases so that we only had to take our small ones with us to Russia. This awesome hotel, The Scandic Marski, agreed to keep them for us while we were away. 

Shout out to Alex at East-West Tours who arranged everything for us in Helsinki and St. Petersburg. He is PHENOMENAL and I highly recommend calling him for help with any travel!


AmericnJewl said...

I'm more concerned with the lack of legroom on that train.


Sheri Holthouse said...

it was a plane, so it makes more sense... and... LOVE. you're the best.