Monday, September 7, 2015

June 19, 2015 - Athens and Cruise Day 1

This day started quite inauspiciously with me oversleeping and then having 19 minutes to get packed up and onto the bus. I ended leaving my tablet, which housekeeping found, and my ketchup shirt and my bathing suit, which they didn't. One of the kids' passport slid out of their bag on the bus, so when it got back to the hotel to take the non-cruisers to the airport, the passport and my tablet split a cab to the port.

After boarding, we hung out on the pool deck for a bit while we waited for our rooms, then we had a life boat drill, then i had some time to reorganize myself after the morning melee. After that I went up on deck and had some lunch. The buffet looked awesome, like normal american food, only IT'S A LIE! I reaffirm my earlier suspicions about Greek hamburgers, and find that having meals in the actual dining rooms is a FAR better choice.

Our first stop on the cruise came that evening when we pulled into port on the lovely island of Mykonos. Karen, Cody, Jaxon and Kirsten were sick, but came into town long enough to take some group pictures, then they all went back to the ship. We walked across the island to see the windmills with our group, but then Marc and I got separated while he was trying to make a decision about a T-shirt and we never caught back up. We watched the sunset outside a bar called Jackie O's (yes, that Jackie O) and then had dinner. Lost track of time and had to high tail it back to the bus that took us back to the boat. We were goofing around on the dock taking pictures when a guy from our boat came over and said, "Please, the captain is waiting." And sure enough, we were about 3 steps onto the boat when we pulled out of port. Oops!

 Pretty nice room! Thankfully i was able to reorganize so that my big suitcase could get stowed under my bed for the duration. There just wasn't room for much of anything in there!
 That's our boat, the Celestyal Olympia

To serve as a warning to other squid!
 Marc and the Mighty Squid.  It's a new age band.
Eric was finally well, Kirsten, Cody and Jaxon did a good job of faking health long enough to take some pictures. I feel bad they didn't really get to see the island, though in that moment in time, not one of them cared. 

 GELATO! (and wifi)

 Whatever these are, they heeded not the warning of the Squid.
 The whole island is a postcard!

 Erin, Marc, Cameron, Matthew, Angee behind him and Eric.

 Schultz boys hit the Greek Isles!

 We have some doubts as to whether the Greeks really understand how windmills work...

 Got some cool shots of Marc in the late day sun.

Kissed a lot of frogs to get this shot!

 Jackie O's bar.

Marc had mussels.

 back at the ship, in the nick of time!
LOVE the elephant!


AmericnJewl said...

Most importantly, did you bring your own sheets?

AmericnJewl said...

Most importantly, did you bring your own sheets?

Sheri said...

well, i came very close to doing just that, however, when i went on my nephew's aircraft carrier, i did indeed bring my own sheets and they were so heavy to lug around, i will probably never do it again. i DID bring my own pillow though, as i do wherever i go. most well traveled pillow on the planet i am fairly sure.

Sheri said...

My pillow has been to Alaska, Hawaii, London, Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Norway, Finland and Russia