Monday, September 14, 2015

Cruise Day 3, June 21, 2015. Crete and Santorini

Today we slept in, most of us anyway. Angee got up and went for her daily run on Crete, but pretty much everyone else skipped it.

I went to lunch in the dining room by myself and got seated with some other people on an EF tour, it was fun to hear about their trip and what they were seeing.

Another GLORIOUS day!!!!!!!!! Sunny and warm, mid 80's with a breeze.

SO check this out, almost everything on Santorini is on top of the cliff, there's just a small area at sea level to disembark and figure out how you're going to get to the top. it's really more of a shelf than anything else.

In this photo, in the cliff side, just above and left of the orange building at water level, is the trail up. Iron Woman (AKA Angee) walked, the rest of us rode donkeys. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.
Found a better picture of the road.

After I had lunch I found most of our crowd sunning on deck. Karen and I got our launch tickets so we got an early boat, here's a few pics of us goofing off waiting for our turn.

selfie stick is fun! (as you can see, I still require assistance)

Eric auditioning to join the show!

So... the donkeys. This is how we got to the town on top of the cliffs. It was great fun, I laughed the whole way... and looked up the whole way. My donkey did whatever Cody's donkey did. Toward the end neither would move any more. An irate donkey herder screamed at us in Greek (I think) and we had to walk the rest of the way, but it was very cool. 

 Catarina selected a donkey that coordinated with her outfit. GENIUS.
 That's Marc on the left, Angee on foot ahead of him, Eric, then Karen and Cody.
 Cody and Karen.
Had I been smart like Catarina, I would have selected this red blanketed donkey.
Karen and the view. It's really hard to take a picture while holding onto a donkey for dear life.

 Trying to take a picture of PEOPLE behind me. All I got was my hair and my donkey's butt. I must say, my color looks fantastic. And the teal butt rope sets it off nicely.
 Second try at a pic behind me, looks like Marc and Catarina, can't tell who else, Angee walking.
 the view down.
 The view up
Like everywhere else, there's a dude taking your picture who will sell it to you later. Karen was nice enough to buy mine for me. I just want to say... O H !
 Donkey parking lot.
 Cailyn and Jaxon
 Erin and Kirsten were not pleased.
 Iron Woman didn't even break a sweat.
Donkeys heading back down for their next passengers.

One thing i really wanted to do here was a fish pedicure. Matthew and Karen did it last year, this year it was Cody, Eric, Karen, Matthew, Marc and I. Erin and Kirsten got regular pedis. I giggled the whole time. Just like a regular pedicure! haha

It really does tickle.
First try at a video... hopefully it works.

SO... the rest of the afternoon we wandered around, mostly in search of shoes. We'd found this one shoe store and spent the rest of the day trying to get back to it. In the interim, Karen and I found no less than FOUR different markets/vegetable stands. It was amazing that they pretty much carried all the same produce. We were impressed, EVERY SINGLE TIME we came upon the exact same stand from another direction and thought it was different.

proves my assertion that there is a bar named "Murphy's" in every town in every country of every world.

 ONE of the markets with all the fresh produce.
 seriously. could this place be more beautiful?

nah, you can't tell we're sisters.

 this cable car thingy took us back down to the water so we could get back on our ship.

 getting a little dusky.
bye bye Santorini, I hope to see you again soon!

We had one last dinner together... Left to right... Karen, Marc, Eric, Cody, Me (YIKES HAIR!), Angee, Jaxon, Kirsten, Matthew, Erin. We're missing Benny. For some reason the boys thought he was skipping dinner, then when he showed up, he sat with the Salt Lake crew (at the table behind Matthew and Angee in the picture below). 

This was our last full day of the trip. 
When we pull into Athens in the morning, it's over.

Not for Karen and I, we go to Oslo while everyone else heads home. SUCKERS!!!

(my mom would say that's not nice)

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