Monday, September 19, 2011

monday monday

i failed miserably this morning with the directive to keep harvey dry. i feel like really simple things are just really hard for me. i am not sure why. i used 3 plastic bags to protect him during my shower, all i did was fill 3 plastic bags with water... oh, and almost killed myself. slippery suckers.

in good news, i did a decent job of staying off the foot this weekend, as directed. good for me anyway... which, is better than anyone can really expect. harvey hasn't been really painful, little twinges here and there. there was a fair amount of itching, which led me to unwrap him and scratch... not directly on him but around him. that was strictly forbidden but how many rules can one girl be expected to follow?

anyway, i am now waiting for a call from CVS because they didn't carry the wound dressing my doc wanted me to use and had to order it. meanwhile, i wadded up some toilet paper and spit on it until it was good and saturated... that should ward off any infections for a couple days.

omg... KIDDING. geeze. i'm not THAT bad.


Janene said...

Thank goodness I caught that last little bit at the end!
It is time for Harvey to take a walk...get it...take a walk! LOL

Sheri said...

i would LOVE for harvey to take a walk. if he will not leave on his own, he will be forcibly evicted. preferably while i'm anesthetized.