Tuesday, September 6, 2011


last week, when i realized i would be incurring no more business expenses for the month, i did my expense sheet EARLY. this is unheard of. not in 43 years has this been done.

i had all but one receipt, which i knew was in my car. so i set it aside, i'll get that other receipt tomorrow, turn it in, get reimbursed... ON TIME (also unheard of).

and every day... and i do mean EVERY day, i forgot that receipt. until today. oh joy oh hallelujah. it's only sept. 6, i might still get reimbursed on time... or, at the very least, avoid the usual threats i get.

meanwhile, back at the ranch, the weekend has been worked, presentations have been done, i've hosted many a visitor in my guest chair... the chair people refuse to accept as a work surface and continually move things from. yeah, that chair.

all the receipts i had been so mindful of... gone.

and you think that's the end of it? oh no that's not the end of it. it also appears that i paid for everything with cash this month. something i N E V E R do. but i checked my credit card statements, and my debit card statement and nothing is there. NOTHING. it's like last month didn't even happen. like maybe it was all a dream and all i really did was sit here like an automaton cranking out presentation after presentation. never leaving this cube or this chair. it's possible i have not showered, or changed clothes, or even eaten.

well, i think i ate.

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