Monday, September 19, 2011

just when you wanted to shoot someone

another someone makes it all better.

coming from celeryville, i grew up accustomed to people caring about their jobs, their integrity... each other. i did not expect to find that here in the big bad city. today, when i called CVS to find out where my wound dressing was (they had to order it), my expectations of the big bad city proved well-founded. their supplier didn't have the exact right thing so they didn't send anything. apparently they didn't call or make note of it, because surely if they had, the pharmacist at CVS would have done something... right? like call and order an effective substitution. then they would have called me to let me know. but no, no one called me or anyone else. apparently the thought of trying another supplier, or ordering another dressing never occurred to anyone. so now i have nothing.

so just when i was SO angry about this, Nancy, from my doctor's office called. this is my primary care doc, on friday she referred me to a specialist. so everything is in the specialists' hands now right? no. not the way my doctor works. while yes, she is leaving treatment up to the specialist, i am still her patient and she still wants to know how i am... and also, ask if i need anything.

so while sometimes the big bad cold city can be just as big and bad and cold as you expect, there ARE really awesome people to be found here.

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