Monday, September 12, 2011

i'm blogging again and i may be dying

i've been cut off from facebook. the place i used to go to post this absurd snippets. so i'm blogging.

and, i could be dying. i could also be a lottery winner, though unlikely since i don't buy tickets. perhaps a sweepstakes winner is more feasible.

here's the story. i notice a voicemail on my phone today. it's a woman, addressing me as mizzzz holthouse. i need to redo something and come by as soon as possible.

the most reasonable explanation is that my one security clearance that hit a small hiccup last week (i need to quit joking around about turning to a life of crime) has hit another snag. i am guessing that whatever form i filled out TWO weeks ago had some kind of expiration date that has since expired while waiting for the aforementioned snag to be sorted out. which it has. been sorted out i mean. the expiration date thing is pure speculation.

BUT, the caller left no name, no phone number, did not mention her organization... just my name, i need to redo the unintelligible thing, please stop by asap.

now i'm waiting to see what the most reasonable suspect has to say. meanwhile, what if it's not them? what if my doctor has called to tell me something tragic? what if the DMV has finally admitted that my new license picture is indeed too heinous to be printed on my ID? what if whomever took over for ed mcmahon has 20 million dollars waiting for me?

it's been like 3 minutes now since i called and still no word. this is a debacle.

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Sheri said...

well, i'm not dying or going to jail, but neither have i won the sweepstakes (i was going to share with everyone). it was as i suspected, security clearance crap. i guess that's alright. i have to redo stuff that has timed out, which is a pain, but i suppose my inherent edginess has made it obvious that i may have spontaneously become a criminal in the last 14 days. people always assume i'm more exciting than i really am. it can't be helped.