Wednesday, September 14, 2011


so this is harvey. harvey is a cluster of warts on my heel. i am trying to kill harvey.

i have gone to a doctor that injected chemotherapy drugs into harvey. he didn't die, he multiplied.

i have frozen harvey with liquid nitrogen. again, harvey didn't die.

now, apple cider vinegar. i believe harvey could be dying this time. he's putting up a good fight, the firey needles of pain he shoots up my leg tells me he is NOT amused. harvey is stubborn, but i'm more stubborn. he thinks if he causes enough pain i'll give up. oh harvey, you foolish foolish mortal.

i've been at this for almost 3 weeks now. a weaker wart would have been dead and gone after two days. but not harvey. i believe harvey is part chuck norris, and we all know chuck norris doesn't die.

he probably wouldn't be sportin' a sponge bob bandaid either, but hey, that's how harvey rolls.

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Janene said...

Ewww! That is seriously GROSS! I do hope Harvey dies soon...may he RIP by this weekend!
Love ya Girl!