Friday, September 23, 2011

i hate coasters

i hate them. i have always hated them. they suck.

but i still use them. just now i picked up my glass of ice water. it has been sweating, so there's a puddle on the coaster. incidentally, earlier today my coffee cup was on this coaster. the coffee cup is the reason for the coaster. our coffee pot leaks, there's no way to get around a ring on my desk from my coffee cup. so i use a coaster.

so my coaster has coffee on it. and now, since it's afternoon, it's wet from my sweating ice-water glass. enter brand new white dress shirt that i chose to wear today. coaster sticks to to glass, just long enough to hurl itself at the front of my shirt. my brand_new_white_dress_shirt. did i mention it's brand new? white?

i hate coasters.

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