Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i was just reading the cake story. yes i wrote it, and i lived it, so i didn't NEED to read it but i did anyway.

the cake has been dubbed "Red Velvet Fudge," by the way. it was sort of a cross between fudge and a cake, i thought brownie, but it was moister (is that a word?) and denser. and it had a thin layer of almost cakelike somethin' between that and the frosting. it was murle's birthday cake so he cut it. it was super thin so he cut giant slabs, but they were too heavy to lift, so he had to cut them again.

onto the pie... a week later i once again found myself in the kitchen (my own this time) with apple pie on the agenda. there were no incidents... no animals (or humans) were harmed while making the pie. i did not cut myself, bleed on anything, drop anything into anything... there were no crazy metamorphoses (a word?) at any time in the pie making process. no reason to do a pie drawing... and while i do not miss the stress, the confusion, the 37 phone calls to my mom (it only took 4)... smooth sailing does not translate into a good story. i DID get brave and experimental and mixed in some cream cheese, but i didn't notice a difference really. i think i was too meek. it's pointless to experiment if you're so timid about it that you can't even tell the difference.

anyway... i do not anticipate baking again any time soon, the fire department can stand down, go home, see their families. move along folks, nothing to see here...

(for pete's sake, could someone leave a comment for once?)

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