Friday, April 27, 2012

big fat w00t!!!!!!!!!!!

my attempts to send these pictures just gave me a headache...

still could not ruin the   B_E_S_T__ D_A_Y__ E_V_E_R_!!!!!!!!!

for more pictures go here (copy/paste if link doesn't work):

thanks to buckwheat for helping me out.

also, check back here because i was using my puny little free camera from kodak... i took this picture with it through my binoculars, a technique pioneered by my brother steve. that's why it's a little fuzzy.

anyway... check back because i was chatting with two guys next to me that had monster cameras with mile long lenses and they've promised to send me links to their galleries when they get them up.

 B_E_S_T__ D_A_Y__ E_V_E_R_!!!!!!!!!

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