Monday, January 23, 2012

What do you say to God?

JoePa is dead

i feel like that nickname, inferring something paternal, should be revoked.

I could be nice, and I certainly do not wish more pain on his family and friends, but i also wonder what he said to God after he died.

How did he explain that football was more important than the welfare of a child? and when he knew it wasn't just the one... how did justify that to himself? more importantly, how does he think God is going to excuse this?

I do not now, nor will i EVER, understand how someone can stand idly by and allow a child to be hurt. nothing good he did in his life can ever cancel out the fact that he CHOSE to sacrafice dozens, if not more, CHILDREN... say it again: CHILDREN, in order to keep his precious football machine intact.

he disgusts me.

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