Thursday, August 5, 2010

how is it august? how is it 2010?

i've been lazy i know. sorry. work as always is busy, and i'm very popular you know. all kinds of people want to spend time with me.

well, that's what i tell them anyway.

august has been uneventful so far, but july was awesome. REALLY hot, but awesome. mostly because of spending a week at home in celeryville with the family. nothing tops that. weirdly enough, not only did i not take any pictures, i did not copy anyone else's to my thumb drive either. i'm becoming a giant slacker.

awesome things in july:
  • karen, matthew & eric were here for a couple days
  • duckpin bowling
  • lived a month in danger house without injuries (sorry for karen's)
  • spent time on the farm with dad
  • shopped with karen, randi & mom (yeah yeah yeah, it wasn't SO bad)
  • hung out with matt
  • hung out with liz & kate
  • had a 2.5 hour lunch with janene
  • got to see anna and alex play baseball
  • learned the game "buddy attack" (at 6am unfortunately)
  • hung with my mom
  • got a cookbook that made my eyes swell shut (it really did, but it's alright now)
  • got called "janna" A LOT
  • didn't see donna
  • barely saw robin, or ken
  • or steve
  • didn't play sorry with liz
  • completely missed supermom ashley, war hero rick & the cutest kids ever, including addy, whom i have not yet met
  • didn't get to go to michigan to meet alayna grace
that's all i've got for now. no home improvement projects lately, but i do have some holes to patch, maybe i'll finally get motivated to do that. the problem is, they're in my kitchen. who goes in the kitchen?


Kris said...

hey, what are we chopped liver?

Kris said...

Hey - what are we? Chopped liver?? Everyone else got a shout out! - bw

AEM said...

wow, you'll have to repost your blog address on facebook or something..or maybe actually blog more than once a year to keep your readers around ;)

Sorry you missed us. I know we're pretty awesome. hahaha

Rob and Kaje said...

Heat is lame

Janene said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you!