Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tiger Cruise pictures & video

there's two albums...
let me know if these links don't work for some reason.

here's some videos i took

okay, apologizing in advance for the end of this one, but here's an fa18 taking off

this one is better, and yes, i do need to post them both.

and here's some video from the hangar bay, watching the ocean going by... i could not get enough of standing there.  notice that the floor is wet, we're about 30 feet above the water line... waves were high enough to splash in... SO COOL.

and here's one of the aircraft elevator, or brow, coming down. VERY cool.


AEM said...

looks like you and the sweater had a nice time.

AEM said...

muah hahahaha :-D Cool videos too, thanks for sharing.

Sheri said...

thank you ash!