Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Curtains... er... curtain

well... i've... correction, WE'VE (thanks mom!) only gotten one of the six panels completed, but i couldn't believe how different the room looked, even with just that one single panel up. i'm very excited to get the rest finished.  (shout out to adam, without whom, this would not be possible. thanks aj!)

here's some close-ups... those of you who don't already know, guess what my brackets are... 

coming soon, more posts including pictures of the newly painted and re-carpeted bedroom, brand new switches in the bathrooms, including a dimmer in my master bath... thanks for the idea ash! don't be surprised if you hear a little grumbling from my dad, he couldn't figure out why in the world i needed a dimmer in the bathroom! ("good gravy!")


james & emmy said...

I wasn't commenting until the job was complete. I can't reward a "half butt job" as my dad would say. hahaha

Janene said...

I am jealous of your sewing techniques!
Curtains and a throw! I bow down to your sewing genius!