Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grocery Shopping at the American Red Cross

So i go give blood today. i finish up and i'm at the little table enjoying my famous amos chocolate chip cookies... this woman comes up. i'm thinking to myself, "didn't i just see that lady head for the chairs?" and yes, sure enough, i did. she walks up to the table, says for everyone to hear, "they can't find a vein again!" and proceeds to fill up her very large, very empty bag with approximately 20 bags of cookies and pretzels, then she moves over to the cooler and stocks up on soda, water and OJ... probably about 10 cans/bottles each. then sits down and says to me, "but i'll keep trying!"

yes, i'm sure you will keep trying.



james & emmy said...

lol.. you should have told her that the people who actually gave blood might need those for nourishment.

ash and i were banned from giving blood.. i guess they don't like people falling to the floor afterwards.

AEM said...

or puking..they really don't like puking.

Sheri said...

wow... i've never had an issue with it. you guys should definitely stay away.