Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tour de Mess

Took this quick video with the webcam... the place is still a disaster, though i'm getting there, bit by bit... i get so overwhelmed, i just sit on the couch.

i did my first dishwasher load today... as well as my first laundry. the dryer is a bit of a disappointment. it's taking FOREVER. i put in a load for 75 minutes and it's still not dry. good thing i'm not paying my electric bill, i'd have a meltdown.

anyway... nothing too exciting going on here, just thought i'd post this video.


james & emmy said...

hmmm looks like you could fit my entire apartment into your living room and kitchen. i think i'll be shocked going to get an apartment in the states.. "you mean I get ALL of this?"

Sheri said...

it's a pretty large space, i must say... one of the first condo's i looked at was about half the size of this one... crazy!

AEM said...

thanks for the tour. looks like a nice place...and for the record, you're mess is a pretty clean mess compared to what we had!